Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Planning an Epic bike ride with Strava and Google Earth/Maps

In a previous post I went through some basics on how to use Strava to plan a touring trip to get good estimates on length and time needed.
This time we will look at how to use Strava, together with Google Earth and Google Maps to plan an epic bike gravel fun bike ride in the Alps.

So my plan is to get over Stelvio and then have a 'rest' day in Bormio with hotel nights perhaps and just take an unloaded bike out for a stroll.
So what are there to see in the Bormio region? I've heard that Livigno is nice and that a lot of cyclists use it as their home base so why not go there? And then find another way back to Bormio.

Or, just go nuts and create your very own dream ride wherever in the world (besides Germany, they don't seem to have street-view).

Tools used in the video are all free to use:

  • Strava, for creating the map. There are other tools to do the same. From time to time I also use Garmin Connect. Download the map as GPX
  • Go to gpx2kml.com, just as the address says this tool is used to convert the GPX file from Strava to KML used by Google.
  • Open Google Earth, do a fly by of the route once imported and check for details. Use street-view to check what type of road it is. In the video about 50% is paved and the other 50% is gravel.
    Also use Earth to check views and find the most epic ride.
  • Do changes in Strava if you find stuff that you do not like and repeat the steps.
  • Once you like the route. Open Google Maps and import it there to get it available on you Google Maps app in you phone and you are set for navigation help

So there, now we have our epic gravel fun-time ride on our phone, ready for us when we get there!

Might have jumped some details in the text above, but be sure to check the video if something is unclear or leave a comment! And as always if you like this, be sure to share on social media! Not needed but appreciated!

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